Voice Recorder

*. Super slim design

*. Allumium & metal Alloy case

*. OLED dot matrix display

*. Capacity: 4G

*. Recording Time: 1152h/4G , 2304h/8G

*. Built-in High quality Audio decoder for recording & music play back.

*. Support 16 languages:Chinese traditional, Chinese simple, English, Japanese, Korean、French, German、Italian、Dutch,Portuguese、Spanish、Swedish、Czech、Denmark、Polish、Turkish、Hebrew。

*. Support multi language ID3 & Synchronization lyric display

*. Support MP3/WMA,MP-1,MP-2,WAV  format, 7 EQ:Normal、Rock、POP、Classic、soft、Jazz、Bass

*. Audio files play back in different speed

*. File Delete & format function.

*. A-B repeat function

*. U disc function,WIN98 above free of driver,USB2.0 port,high speed

*. Auto recording sound control(AGC),Recording audit function

*. Built-in MIC/EXT MIC recording

*. Support (Line IN) 、Telephone、VOR、Auto recording

*. Clock、alarm、File Navigation

*. Password function

*. Built-in Speaker

*. Record file named by Date

*. Firmware upgrading

*. Li Battery


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